Our Studio


I’m a hands-on designer and art director that moves along – and takes part in – the latest developments in design, technology, strategy and placement. Having gained experience working for several brands & agencies for over 10 years, I offer creative solutions to various demands.


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“Edwin is very nice to work with. He is a strong creative person with a good level of knowledge of the software possibilities to create very exciting designs. He translates a sales concept to a visual design with ease.”

“Edwin is an extremely driven and very professional bloke. He is the type of guy you want for creative but also for commercial content. He’s fun to work with, great to learn from and inspiring to watch, mostly when he is achieving his goals and the goals of his clients again & again.”

“Wij doen als C10 Media prettig zaken met Eddy Concept & Design. De creatieve mindset helpt ons om middels ludieke concepten de media in te zetten wat een essentieel factor heeft in het succes van onze campagnes. Daarnaast super flexibel en vinden we de communicatie en de snelheid van werken uitzonderlijk.”